My name is Dery, I’m a software engineer at Gojek. I intentionally create this website to documenting all of my career and life events. Along side with software engineering related article. Some articles are also written on medium.

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Life Is Like Marathon

Not long ago, I was into sports, especially running. Turns out, if we take it seriously, running is not just merely an excercise of moving body with our own foot, it’s beyond that. There’re variety types of running, several techniques to prevent injuries, many kind of running workouts, rules to follow, and philoshopically life lessons we can learn.
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Lesson Learned 2023

It has been a year with 20% of ups and 80% of downs. What a journey that 80% of downs could surprisingly teach me a valuable lessons that maybe I couldn’t experienced it in any other life stages. I would recap, as a reflection, the valuable wisdoms I’ve learned throughout the year.
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