My name is Dery, I’m a software engineer at Gojek. I intentionally create this website to documenting all of my career and life events. Along side with software engineering related article. Some articles are also written on medium.

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Thinking in Moderation

You will die if you don’t eat, and you will die either if you eat excessively. In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle describes that eating too much or too little has a bad consequences to our body. Hence, the correlation between eating and health is not linear. In economics, no tax makes government has no revenue, no infrastructure, public health, education, and security. On the other side, charged 100% tax makes individual has no money, and there’s no reason to work, then economy collapse and government has no revenue.
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Balancing High Level Low Level Thinking

We can’t maintain fast thinking and precise thinking at the same time. There’s a tradeoff. Let me explain, when you read a sentence, you can grasp the meaning of that sentence. But, you don’t really care about the meaning of each word, or in more precise manner, you don’t even read each alphabet. How many alphabet m you’ve read up until this point? You don’t really care right? Because, our brain has tendency to automate common repeatable things (in this case, the individual word meaning or the alphabet) and only focus on the things that we think it matters (in this case, the meaning of whole sentence).
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